Septic Smart! Handbook

Septic Smart English

Conventional Systems

This twelve page booklet helps you understand and care for your conventional septic systems.

  • Cover1
  • What Is A Septic System? 2
  • How Does It Work? 2-3
  • Parts of the Septic Tank 3
  • Your Class 4 Rural Septic System 4-5
  • What Could Be Hiding Underground? 6
  • Septic Systems and Your Health 6
  • Minimum Separation Distances for Leaching or Filter Beds 7
  • Why Should I Maintain My Septic System? 8
  • Do’s and Don’ts 8
  • How to Find Your Septic Tank 9
  • What Happens When There’s A Problem? 10
  • New Technology 10
  • Water Conservation 11
  • Back Cover 12

Septic Smart 2 ENGLISH

Advanced Treatment Systems

This twelve page booklet will help you become familiar with advanced treatment units as well as the type of final distribution and soil treatment that could be used with them in Ontario (aerobic treatment units and filtration units).

  • Advantages and Disadvantages2-3
  • Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs)4-5
  • Filtration Units6
  • Care and Maintenance of Your Advanced Treatment Unit7
  • Final Distribution and Soil Treatment7-9
  • Cost Considerations9
  • Other Considerations10
  • Approval of Advanced Treatment Units in Ontario10
  • Special Approval for Other Treatment Systems11

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