Decommission an Existing Septic System

Submission Deadline: Friday, December 132019 by 4:00 p.m.

The Process (More Details)

  1. Submit Septic System Decommissioning Form to OSSO
    • Complete and submit permit application (found above)
  2. Locate and uncover the top of the septic tank
    • Refer to septic records if unsure of the location of your system and tank
  3. Have the septic tank wastewater (liquid and sludge) pumped out by a licensed septic hauler
    • Be sure to keep the pumping receipt as it acts as proof-of-pumping and will be required prior to the OSSO inspection
  4. Fill in septic tank completely with sand or gravel and put access lid back in place OR demolish the tank and fill in with soil
  5. Request an inspection by the OSSO
    • Please include your name, address of site and file number
    • Inspections take place within 48 hours
  6. Once you received your paperwork approving the decommissioning, backfill the soil around the septic tank slightly higher than ground level to allow for settling

Submission Requirements

  1. One (1) copy of septic permit application
  2. One (1) copy of septic system records
    (if available)
  3. Fee payment at time of submission
    • Refer to fee schedule for list of approved fees

Things to Know

$145 to $150 (cash savings 3%)

Electronic submission
permit applications can be submitted in-person or electronically (printing charges may apply)

Helpful Resources